Tools needed: 
A Green Altar Cloth 
A Cauldron w/Lid or Cover Plate 
Holly Sprig Wreath 
Mistletoe Sprig Wreath 
12 Low Vibration Stones (flat oval river rock work well) 
1 Black Votive Candle 
1 Green 12" Taper Candle 
1 White 12" Taper Candle 
1 Gold (12hr) Pillar Candle 
Pine Incense 
Bowl of Water w/ Pine Sprig in it 
Plate of Sand 
You are welcome to add any personal items of your choice

This ritual showed be performed right after sunset. About an hour before, sweep area moving in a deosil manner. Yule symbols such as Poinsettias, Pine Cones, and even a decorated Yule Log nearby (if too big for altar) adds to the ambiance. 
Place the proper candles and symbols at the four cardinal directions. Place the gold God pillar candle at right top of altar. Place the white Goddess taper candle at the top left. Place your Pentacle (or a plate with a Pentagram drawn on it) in the center of the altar. Place your Cauldron to the right of the altar, with the black votive candle, Holly sprig wreath around it , inside. 
Cover cauldron with lid or cover plate. Place the green taper candle and mistletoe wreath where they will be behind you at the beginning of the ritual. Outline your circle perimeter with 11 of the low vibration stones (save 12th to close circle when you enter. Place the rest of your tools and props according to personal preference. 
Take a shower or bath for purity. Sit quietly for a period to ground and center. When ready put on some soothing music associated with the Sabbat and your ritual. Enter the standing stone circle and close with 12th stone. Cast circle by envisioning flames of Yule colors red, green, and gold coming up between the stones. When all become a continuous line, step up to the altar.

"From the darkness is born the light, 
From void, fulfillment emergesThe darkest night of the year's at the threshold,Open now the door, and honor the darkness." 

Take the lid/plate off the cauldron and light the black votive candle inside. Step back from the cauldron and give silent honor to the Holly King, the ruler of the dark half of the year. Call quarters, start by lighting yellow candle in the East: 

" Powers of Air, step forth from the darkness, 
Enter my circle , as dark gives 'way to light. 
Bring along with you the essence of pine trees, 
Remind me of Springtime as I face Solstice Night." 

Light the pine incense and place on Pentacle/Center Plate. Light the red candle in the South: 

"Powers of Fire, step forth from the darkness, 
Enter my circle, as dark gives 'way to light, 
Bring along with you the first glint of tomorrow, 
Remind me of Summer as I face Solstice Night." 

Pick up the Athame and brandish it in the flame of the candle to reflect the light. Place on the Pentacle/Center Plate. Light the blue candle in the West: 

"Powers of Water, step forth from the darkness, 
Enter my circle, as dark gives 'way to light, 
Bring along with you bittersweet memories 
Remind me of Autumn as I face Solstice Night." 

Pick up the bowl of water, sprinkle water with pine sprig in Pentacle/Center Plate. Light brown candle in the North: 

"Powers of Earth, step forth from the darkness, 
Enter my circle, as dark gives 'way to light, 
Bring along with you the land that now slumbers, 
Remind me of Winter and this cold Solstice Night." 

Pick up the plate of sand, sprinkle sand in a line around the other symbols. Step back from the alter for a moment and contemplate the seasons of the past year, and how their lessons have brought you to where you are today. When ready, begin again: 

"Dark my surroundings, and cold be this night 
But Thy labor, Blessed Mother has reborn the Sacred Light 
The Child Divine, The most honored Sun. Shall return with the sunrise again, Two will be One." 

Remove the Holly wreath from around the black votive candle. With your right hand, present it to the four elements in a deosil manner. Finally, in a clockwise motion, place it behind you, to signify the death, "passing", of the Holly King. 
Turn back to the altar. Then with your left hand, reach behind you, and in a clockwise motion bring forward the Mistletoe wreath and the green candle. Present them to the elements, slide the wreath over the green candle and place the candle in its holder in the cauldron. Light the green candle with the black votive candle: 

"Hark! Behold the Rebirth of the King of the Woodlands! 
Behold the Oak King, strong and vital he rises!" 

Snuff the black votive candle and with your right hand, place it behind you in a clockwise motion. Turn back to the cauldron, close your eyes, and silently honor the Oak King. 

Begin again: 
"Awake now Thy Mother, Thy Lover, Thy Lady - 
Awake now Thy Goddess of Life, Death, Rebirth." 
Take the green candle out of the cauldron and light the white Goddess candle on the altar. Replace the green candle in the cauldron. Take the white Goddess candle with both hands and hold out at arm's length over the cauldron: 

"Awaken, my Lady, look upon Thyne Divine Child, 
His rebirth while You slumbered was subtle and silent. 
The Stag King, the Green Man, Lord of Fertility, 
He awaits thy wakening gentle and benevolent" 

Place the white Goddess candle back in its holder at the left top of altar. Step back and assume the Goddess position. 
In a bold voice: 
"All hail the Oak King, His rebirth; a promise 
All hail the Divine Child, Giver of Life 
All hail the Blessed Sun, reborn to the Mother 
For he retakes His throne at the end of Solstice Night!" 

Now is the time for meditation and any spellworkings. Spellworkings associated with Yule include those for peace, harmony, love, and happiness. Next celebrate with the Cakes and Ale (Fruitcake* and Spiced Cider *) ceremony, saving some for the wee Folkes, outside. Thank the Goddess and snuff Her candle. Thank and release the elements: 

"Carry sweet tidings, 'round the world and beyond, 
I charge thee as messengers Earth, Water, Fire, and Air 
Let all rejoice loudly in the Oak King's return 
Teach all that you meet, with the glad tidings you bear."

Snuff each Quarter candle in a widdershins manner. Step back and face the cauldron and the green candle still burning bright. 

"Before my circle, tonight, I close blessings I ask for this house and my kin tomorrow at daybreak, when I arise 
A special flame I will carry, withinAnd a gold candle upon my altar I'll light adding my will to the Sun King's intent 
To climb aloft in the vaulted skies and for strength back to me; three times, strength I've sent." 

Snuff the green candle. Take the Mistletoe wreath and place it on the other symbols on the Pentacle/Center Plate. Release the circle. Clean up, leaving the gold God pillar candle in center front to light upon rising in the morning. You are done.-


Ague Weed: This can be mixed with any incense and burned to break the power of a hex that has been placed on you. 

Bay Leaves: One in the corner of each room of a house is believed to protect all who dwell there, as well as the house itself. If you carry it on your person it is reputed to protect against witchcraft. 

Bladderwrack: To be carried by the traveler as a protection, especially when traveling by water. 

Blood Root: Place on windows and doorways to protect against curses and evil spirits from entering. 

Cinquefoil: Take an egg and cut a small hole in one end. Drain the contents and let the shell dry. Then stuff the shell with Cinquefoil and reseal the hole with tape. As long as this egg is kept in the home it can be protected from evil forces. 

Clover: Soak one tablespoonful in one cup of vinegar for three days. Then strain and sprinkle the vinegar in each corner of every room. All alien spirits should leave the premises. 

Elm Bark: To eliminate slander against you bury some in a box along with a piece of paper that contains the name of the individual who is speaking adversely about you. 

Pearl Moss: Sprinkle this across the front doorway of the home to only allow good spirits to enter (this actually works well in conjunction with the Sulfur one below). 

Sulfur: Burn at midnight near your back door to ward off evil. 


--1 to 4 lavender blossoms -- 
2 drops each sage, basil, patchouli essential oil 
Carrier oil (can be olive used for protection, almond, sunflower, etc.) 
Choose a small dark vial. Place all but the oil in the vial together, then add enough oil to fill the bottle. 
Shake thoroughly. Use for anointing ritual candles, self, consecrating tools, etc. 
Lavender is there for purification, happiness, love, and peace; 
Basil brings protection and love; 
Sage brings purification, protection, healing, wealth, longevity; 
Patchouli brings prosperity, wards off evil and negativity, aids divination. 
All of these are desirable generic attributes so makes a good blend for general purposes. 
Great for keeping on your personal altar for magical workings. 


Select wood from a fruit bearing tree, of a branch that has fallen naturally (not cut down) the host tree must still be alive (I used plum tree wood from my backyard after a large snowstorm, lucky me). Pick a branch of the diameter that you want your runes to be (usually between 0.5" and 1"). Gather several pieces, as some will crack during the drying process or be damaged by bugs.

Let the wood dry for AT LEAST 6 months. 9 months or a year is better. You MUST let the wood dry OUTSIDE, covered by a loose tarp or something to keep rain off of it. You may also want to use a pesticide AROUND, not on the wood to prevent bug damage. Once dry, ensure your runewood has not cracked or been damaged by bugs.

Strip the bark off by hand, using a knife. Also smooth the branch by cutting off bumps and the like. You may sand it smooth or not, depending on personal preference (I don't like perfectly smooth runes)

Saw the branch into 24-25 (depending on weather you use the blank rune) 1/16"-1/8" flat disks using a HAND SAW (the more effort you put into making the runes, the better they work)

Carve the runic symbols into each disk, so you have a complete rune set. Burn or mark with a permanent marker or paint (doesn't matter which) the carvings so they can be seen better.

Seal the runes with the natural oil of your choice, as long as it is natural. You may also use a NATURAL wood stain is you wish, it will not affect anything but the appearance if you do.

Cleanse, concencrate and empower the runes for your purpose, depending on your own custom of how you do it. Your rune set is now completed.

Select an appropriate sized drawstring bag made of leather, silk, embroidered soft-linen, etc.

This is a matter of personal taste but get a nice one because you will use these runes for the rest of your life, as they grow stronger with age and use. You may wish to select a bag with magical symbols (sigils) if you wish (I did) you are now completed.




Invocation to the Horned God 

"By the flame that burneth bright,
O Horned One !
We call thy name into the night,
O Ancient One !
Thee we invoke by the Moon-led sea,
By the standing stone and the twisted tree.
Thee we invoke, where gather Thine own.
By the nameless shore, forgotten and lone.
Come where the round of the dance is trod,
Horn and Hoof of the Goat Foot God !
By moonlit meadow, on dusky hill,
Where the haunted wood is hushed and still,
Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,
As the Moon bewitches the midnight air.
Evoke thy powers that potent bide
In shining stream and the secret tide,
In fiery flame by starlight pale,
In shadowy host that rides the gale.
And by the ferndrakes, faerie haunted,
Of forests wild and woods enchanted.
Come, O Come !
To the heartbeat's drum !
Come to us who gather below,
When the broad white Moon is climbing slow.
Through the stars to the heavens' height,
We hear thy hoofs on the wind of night !
As black tree branches shake and sigh,
By joy and terror we know thee nigh.
We speak the spell thy power unlocks,
At Solstice Sabbath and Equinox !"

-Published sources include:
-Doreen Valiente "Witchcraft For Tomorrow". Her version continues

beyond the part given here. I believe she says that she wrote everything in this book, but I'm not sure.

-"Grimoire of Lady Sheba" (This is her version.)



A Prayer to Cernunnos:

God of the green,
Lord of the forest,
I offer you my sacrifice.
I ask you for your blessing.

You are the man in the trees,
the green man of the woods,
who brings life to the dawning spring.
You are the deer in rut,
mighty Horned One,
who roams the autumn woods,
the hunter circling round the oak,
the antlers of the wild stag,
and the lifeblood that spills upon
the ground each season.

God of the green,
Lord of the forest,
I offer you my sacrifice.
I ask you for your blessing.

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