A whole new selection of courses dates soon to be announced:

1st degree Practitioner

2nd degree Practitioner


Candle making


Reiki Healing


Path Working

Above but a few of what will soon be offered. 

Please contact me on circlestones@gmail.com for detailed information.

We work on a 5 degree system whereas most other traditions works on a three degree system. the reason for this is it allows the student to complete a path before progressing to the next stage. We find it is more beneficial for the student and it allows more definitive path working aimed at the stage that the student may find themselves in. 

This is just the way that we perceive it and as such we do not discredit the three degree system of which for their path working i am sure it is just as refined and to the point, we just prefer our method of the 5 degree's

Please contact me for further info at circlestones@gmail.com  

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