The four principles known as The Witches' Pyramid

These principals are very important to successful spell working. But what do they actually mean?

1. To Know 

Know your correspondences. Research what kind of spell you are going to perform. What the spell requires. Why you need a certain candle colour or oil, or why you are using a particular herb. Different Traditions do have different correspondences for colour, plants, oils etc. Learn the moon phases and timings The more you learn the more focused your energy will become. Adding to the power of your spellwork.

2. To Will

This relates to you. You must have confidence in your spell for it to work. You must believe that magick does work. You need to be focused on what you are doing totally. Your spell needs your energy to work, if you do not provide your spell with the right energy, then your spell may not work, even backfire. Just having the props, without the will, will give you unpredictable results.

3. To Dare

Make a list, before doing the spell on exactly WHY you are doing the spell. Are there mundane ways of reaching your goal. Will the spell actually accomplish what you want. If you have mixed emotions or purpose, than this can compromise your spell working. Know exactly why you are doing the spell. Be very clear in your own mind why you believe a spell will achieve the result you require.

4. To Keep Silent

Once you have performed your spell, you should not mention it or dwell on whether your spell has met it's objective. Let the spell, do its work. Don't waste energy worrying if a spell is going to work. That energy can be better used elsewhere. Don't talk to another about your spell either. This may weaken the strength of the spell if the other person, questions or undermines your ability or whether the spell will work.

These principals may differ from tradition to tradition, but basically what it boils down to, is having the confidence in the power within you. Believing in your magick. Follow the basic principals and your spell work will succeed every time.

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