Marius Heath

With all this anger and ego, defense and turmoil’s going on we tend to lose touch with ourselves and we don’t know ourselves. We then become unaware of why we act and react in the manner that we do. Thus we are incapable of dealing with our deeper feelings and these feelings then stay hidden, retreating to the subconscious where they will continue to influence future similar situations. This eventually leads to our personality changing and adapting to accommodate these subconscious patterns that builds over a period of time. 
This collection will be part of the unconscious behavior of people influencing much of our acts and feelings. The common way to put it is when people say “this brings back bad memories” not realizing that sometimes the experience of those bad memories is what depicts your actions in the future. Sometimes we can realize this unconscious pattern and the resulting actions we take, as this flows back into the conscious mind we often experience sadness or embarrassment. Sometimes we fantasize about these things and the anger or embarrassment returns and in a manner we relive these events.
This can lead to us being very susceptible to manipulation to those with the knowledge of how to control these thought patterns, dangerous. People that know us can provoke us into an action or to some with the ability can “implant” actions within our personality. The fact that we often suppress feelings without quite realizing it, we are unaware of some part of our personality that plays out in stressful situations. Should someone then make us aware of these personality traits we then revert right back to the ego thing and the cycle starts again.
There are methods that can be practiced in order to supersede these personality traits and to change and sometimes remove such reactions to situations, but such a method requires an open and honest inner exploration of self. To truly look within and get to know yourself, the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the dark part within is the part that you actually do not like about yourself but much of this dark resides within the subconscious and plays out in the unconscious. This topic and method is vast and one you explore the inner psyche and how it operates and influences us it becomes quite intense. Such intense exploration should be done within a teaching guidance and workshop surroundings.

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