Marius Heath

The akashic records
you ever find what you are looking for? You wouldn’t be able to navigate the Internet at all, in spite of having the resource available to you!
This is how most people who access the Records find themselves – without any clear understanding of how to unlock the tremendous information contained therein. It’s hard to know what to look for, after all, if you don’t know what is available!
In order to access the Records in a useful, practical way, we must have a clear grasp not only of what we are looking for, but also how to access the
information AND interpret it clearly.

Can We Access Our Own
Akashic Record?
We are absolutely permied to access our own Akashic Record at any time – in
fact, we frequently do so unconsciously. Our Akashic Record is a resource to which our own Higher Self has absolute access. The intuitive information we receive is filtered through our Soul’s past experiences and lessons, all of which is stored in our Record. Think of our own Akashic Record as our Soul’s memory bank!
Our Akashic Records also contain information about all our possible futures, a vast and changing field of information that is constantly shifting and changing based on our choices in the present moment.
From our Akashic Record, we can also access memories contained within the collective consciousness that we are currently participating in, as well as the possible futures of that collective consciousness. In other words, society’s past and future is also accessible from our Akashic Record. After all, we are intimately connected with all other Beings through this information super-highway that makes up the Akashic Records!

What Information is Available to us in the Akashic Records?
Just because information exists in the Records doesn’t mean it’s all available to us at a conscious level! First of all, there is simply too much for our lile minds to process – if we were to access everything all at once, we would be in a state of uer information overload! Just from living in the “information age,” we all know what that feels like ... now imagine it going on in your head all the time!

Obviously, then, the flow of information from the Records needs to be filtered and managed. Our own Higher Self is in charge of the details of this process – it manages our Record for us. In the end, however, the information we receive is governed by our intent.
We create our human, physical experience through choice and free will. Our intention leads the way in this process! While we are incarnated, our Higher Self can guide us, nudge us, and inform us – but our choices are made at the conscious level, and our Higher Self cannot interfere

with our choices. Our Higher Self follows our intention and supports us in creating the lifetime we want.
The problem is, of course, that most people who enter the Akashic Records have no idea what they are looking for! It’s tough to create a clear intention about gathering information when you have no idea
what’s available. This is why accessing the Akashic Records accurately is tricky unless you have proper training and a comprehensive way of processing the information into a format that the conscious mind can work with.

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