Dreams communicate meaning and emotion through making use of symbols of which the meaning will depend on the context of your dream as well as personality and what your life is about at the time, situations that you may find yourself in that you may be looking for answers within your life. These symbols are commonly called 'archetypes'. A good dream interpretation book will be invaluable to your interpretation, there are many and you need to scrutinize the book before purchasing in order to see if the book is for you.

There are four main types of dreams:

1) Body-processing

2) Symbolic Dreams

3) Guidance Dreams

4) Astral Body Dreams

Write down your dream as soon as you wake up, this will help you to remember with clarity. A person tends to think that the memory will remember but surprisingly 10 minutes after waking up the memory already fades, so my advice is to keep a dream journal.

When interpreting a dream link it to yourself and play with ideas such as should you have a dream about saving a child from drowning then you could use the format of “saving myself from drowning” which could be interpreted as going under possibly financially. Whatever you do not take a dream literally so in this case don’t go out there looking for a drowning baby, the dream may also be a message linking to those around you so do not only link it to yourself but look at the broader picture. Think of a puzzle that you have to unravel, sometimes a dream just becomes clear when you have written it down and you read it through.

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