Marius Heath

OOH a difficult topic, one that quite often provokes very strong comments. What is the ego, how does it affect your life, how can it enhance your life; these are all questions that immediately jumps to mind when talking of the ego. Well let’s see what your response is:
The ego is the self perception of who and what you are, where you stand in life and where you position yourself within the larger picture. Ego can be something that enhances your life, how?
Well let’s see, should your ego be one that is positive within yourself as well as open to those around you it can become a positive addition to your personality. Let’s say in a manner a passive ego is what you should strive for. A way of putting yourself across in such a manner that you take up your rightful position in life without the often attached self upliftment quite often manufactured in order to enhance your image, i.e. you lie about who and what you are. People are not always stupid and after a period of time just about everyone will realize where your true abilities are and where you have done the self creation thing. 

Here is something curious - we are all very good at spotting the plus form of the ego. The plus form of ego is where people try to elevate themselves above others, make themselves seem better-than, or greater-than others for status, power or control.
When we see someone behaving like this we say, “Look at that egotistical person” or we think “There is a big ego!”
What we are not as good at spotting is plus ego’s sister – the minus ego.
The minus ego is where people try to suppress who they are, make themselves seem smaller or less-than others out of fear, to avoid conflict, to be seen as good or to please others.
People always think that they must choose between a plus or a minus path, not realising that there is an alternative path, the path of being equal to.
Some also mistake the minus path for being more noble than the plus path, which it is not. Do not try to distort who you are just to fit in with others, do not shrink back, do not try to tower above, stand equal-to all that you face.
Whenever you try to suppress or elevate yourself, you are in ego.
Only equal-to creates lasting harmony, only equal-to promotes true communication, empathy and love.
A person can honor and respect others while holding the knowing that your heart is equal-to theirs. Similarly, one can lead, hold positions of authority, be assertive and be strong without being in a plus or more than state of being. The true leader knows in their heart that they are equal-to to those that they lead. Knowing that you are equal-to brings innate self-worth and helps you keep true to your truth.
People have different degrees of physical ability, more or less money, physical strength, size and external power, but inside of us all, at the core of who we are. The need to dominate or submit falls away. In being true to yourself, (regardless of gender or cultural differences), would honor yourself and others.

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