Initiated Members/Students

Only members published on this page can claim lineage with the group, issued certification are all traceable and registered with a registration number reflected, Those without registration numbers reflected on certification predates the upgrade from "Coven" to "Group". Any and all Lineage tracing validity of certification can be found on this page.

Please take note, this group embraces a Five Degree system,

1st to 2nd degree is Priest or Priestess. (unless otherwise allocated for 2nd degree)

3rd and 4th degree is High Priest or High Priestess,

5th Degree is Archpriest or Archpriestess. 

Up to Third Degree is awarded after the neccesary courses has been completed and at the discression of the Archpriest and Archpriestess.

4Th Degree in only awarded at the discression of the Archpriest and Archpriestess

5Th Degree in only and exclusively held by the Archpriest and Archpriestess at any point.

All members past and present is listed below, should any doubt exist over the claimed lineage of a member or a false claim be raised, this page shall be kept updated and any  queries can be mail to

South Africa (Mother Group)

 Marius Whitepaw Heath 

Archpriest - Spiritual Head


Margie Leopard Star Heath


Annelize du Buisson - 2Nd Degree

Lodewyk Du Buisson - 2Nd degree

Hived off Groups (South Africa) 


Circle of the Einherjar


Headed by:

Theresa White - High Priestess

South African Non-Affiliated Groups 


Profile Picture

The Moon Circle of TabulaRasa


Under the Leadership of:

Vivienne Foyn - High Priestess


Past Members with Lineage

Degree shows level at the time of departure

Retha Moolman - 2Nd Degree

Burwhyn Vine - 3rd Degree

Martha Sophia Wheeler - 2nd Degree 

Thomas Wheeler - 2nd Degree

 Crystal Crissi Monique Wheeler

1st Degree Priestess

Merle Spiesens - 2nd Degree High Priestess 

Daniela Leigh - 3Rd Degree High Priestess

 Tanith Visser - 2nd Degree priestess,

 Clive Gannon Smith - 1st Degree

 Vivienne Foyn - 2nd Degree Priestess

 Nico Oosthuizen - 2nd Degree Priest

Sheri Lee De Wit - 1st Degree Priestess

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