By Marius Whitepaw Heath:

There have been many discussions and writings regarding a topic that I would like to approach in a manner of comparison. Removing if I can a one sided point of view and giving basic facts and thoughts thereby giving the reader something that can lend itself to allowing the reader to ponder and do some research into each perception advocated and find some form of balance and a decision of which perceptions balances and which does not on a individual platform.

I have spent quite some time mulling this over within my own mind. A newly found good friend on Facebook said to me “approach this with caution and sceptism”, question every concept and this I truly took to heart. As a result of these thoughts and the advice of being cautious I decided to write this for two reasons, to give those of similar mind a chance to also become “aware” of the complete picture available in all forms of publication media and so too to question every step of the way the interpretation of what is and what balances. Secondly to also put words to my own thoughts and to place it into some form of perspective.  I may, as I progress with my own thoughts add to these writing and in so doing expand on my views and perceptions.

What is the change of age in real terms?

In short and in laymen’s terms astrologically we are busy entering a new age, the Age of Aquarius. Many texts can be found that was written decades ago that advises us that this will come about. With this change of age there is an energy shift taking place. What is this energy change in plain language? It is largely a shift of consciousness, a change in the way people perceive themselves within the greater picture of reality and especially within a religious context. if you look at the Christian understanding your will find that their good book said and i quote "Jesus said i will be with you until the end of the age" eon in fact, until the end of the age, the age of the fish, the age of Pisces and moving into the age of Aquarius, furthermore their texts states " follow the one that bears the water", Aquarius that is. Refer to the chart as reference. This is but one religious text that predicts this, albeit somewhat crude or picturesque in context but stated or predicted nevertheless. If we have the space here we can delve deeper and find more texts of a religious nature predicting similarly the same event. In essence, with the change of consciousness the religious views and understanding will change. Now let us stick with the Christian writing for now and we may realize that with this the "end" of Christianity as we know it has possible been reached, or has it. People will awaken and start to question the validity or mythological value of these writings. Take note of how many churches has closed over the last year for instance, take note of how many has turned away from these teachings and are seeking for a different value. The fanatical die hard at this point in time is making somewhat of a last attempt to survive this predicted, by their own writings and insist on holding onto "old" values. again folks I am merely using the Christian position as it is more widely known and understood by the majority of people on this page and should not be taken in any form as a singular targeting of them as a religion, let us be open minded for this time please. Now many swing offs can come as a result of what I state but bear with me and let us look at the larger picture.

Especially since the fifties there has been as "awakening" or revival of the old religions with the re-creation of the ways of old by the coming of Wicca. With that said many other paths has survived regardless, such as shamanism, druidism etc, Wicca has just taken the foreground and truth be told has inspired this awakening and the opening up, if you will, of the ways of old. Should we take this as co-incidence or should we take it as being the "training" ground in preparation for what we are experiencing at this point in time, i leave that up to your own imaginative thoughts.

Now, with this Christian understanding there is the clear prediction of "Armageddon" or the end of the world of which they state will be the destruction of earth with fire and ice. This my friends is largely open for discussion as it is dependant on interpretation as the writings are very picturesque in representation. Much like the predictions of many others such as Nostradamus. now within this picturesque way of these writings many interpretations are possible, the opening of the seal, the arrival of the beast etc etc, is this in fact to be taken in real terms and word by word or should it be seen as being a picturesque prediction that leaves the door open to interpretation. Are these so called seals the "awakening" and new found wisdom and understanding that this change of age will bring about. The "unsealing" of old wisdom and the realization of new found wisdom at the same time. the Mayan calendar for instance only goes up to the end of the year 2012, is this due to the change of age and the "new" understanding then will come about therefore indicating that the "new age" will bring with it a "new" understanding and therefore could not or should not have been interpreted or predicted at the time of the scribe doing the calendar. Maybe, on a lighter note he just ran out of space to continue, just some humour at this time of seriousness.  It has been predicted by some that a “new” religious understanding will be born from this.

The end of the world prediction, past and present predictions:

I have pretty much stated the Christian concept above relating to "Armageddon" as they understand it so let us approach another understanding and that is the scientific understanding. we have been rather bombarded by information of this end of the world as we know it concept and it has been approached from differing angles and understandings, from the prediction of a comet that will slam into earth and this will result in a catastrophic event to the reversal of the earths axis therefore similarly having the same catastrophic results. With both predictions there will be serious enough results that will result in the total destruction of "life" upon earth as it stands. Let me expand somewhat.

With the reversal of the earths axis there will logically speaking major changes such as the centre of gravity. If we remove or disturb gravity one of two possibilities can result, we will either float off into space as a result of there being too little gravity or alternatively we will be crushed as a result of too much gravity. Combined with this, bearing in mind that in reality the earth's crust will rotate on the core and this will result in major tectonic plate shifts, destruction and the creation of new plates as a result. Lava may be spewed all over earth and physical destruction will take place. with this in mind, how can we possibly presume that the human being will be able to find a "safe haven" anywhere on this planet, not even in deep sea will this be possible. even if such a safe haven can be found what will the reality of the newly found surface be like and for how long will it be impossible to sustain life, in fact there will be total destruction so no vegetation or animal life will remain, the atmosphere will anyway possibly be cloud covered for quite some time, decades possibly but even it was only for a few days, new life, new DNA will have to develop in order to "kick start" new life forms again. A revival, a re-generation of the actual planet in truth will be the result. So, should anyone survive of which is very unlikely in fact impossible but let us assume there are some lucky ones, how long will they survive on a very hostile planet.

There are two prominent understandings of this survival preparation at this time and these are, finding a place of safety to survive, however that is understood I think I pretty much touched the surface on that above but let us look at the other concept.

There is one understanding that is quite profound and links in with the concept of the Gods actually having been aliens. with this there is the prediction that certain selected individuals will be transported to another planet for safekeeping and will return to earth when all is said and done to re-populate earth with the human race, with this more then just the selective human "removal" will have to be on the cards, pretty much a modern day "ark" will have to be manifested simply because there will have to be other necessary additions such as animal life and vegetation or the returning humans will merely die as there will be no vegetation or animals in order to feed and sustain them. Then we too have to realize the time frame that will be required for earth to "settle" down and become "safe" to be inhabited again. Quite a few generations as a result will be needed to cover this time frame.

As you may realize that the above can be seen as a marriage of science and religious understanding, with a twist of the possibility of the gods having been aliens in understanding.

Religious understanding under the Pagan and Heathen banner:

looking at the Pagan as well as the Heathen understanding where we as Pagans and Heathens understand the subject of "the journey of the soul" (no reference to the published book with the same name) where the concept of re-incarnation and the lessons on each incarnation that must be overcome in order for the soul to advance and eventually reach a state of not needing to re-incarnate and the lessons required has been learnt in full. Whatever the advancement of the soul be interpreted to be but the concept overall is understood. With this comes the soul "contract" which pretty much defines the requirements for these lessons on each incarnation and the manner in which the soul will be released from the physical vessel to return to our soul groups. Keep this basic picture in mind as we progress.

With the above in mind there comes the realization that we "visit" on this planets face for advancement of the soul and therefore there is on each incarnation a beginning and an end. With everything we understand as far as the human perception allows us to have, this beginning and end. Within that context how does this prediction of total destruction fit into the mythology within the Pagan and Heathen understanding? Should we at all cost be determined to survive such a destruction of mother earth or should we merely accept this as the end of the current earth and its contents in order to create the new and "upgraded" earth hopefully that will present us with a newly found destination to incarnate to. After all we are just visiting. Do we perceive that we should hold more value to a physical plane of existence rather then be mindful of the larger picture of the advancement of the soul and reaching our next level within the soul context of existence? Are we physical beings with no before of afterlife outside of the physical of which will fall more under the atheist basis of understanding of what is, is all that there will be with nothing that will follow or nothing that was.

The twist in the tale, or should I say the swish in the tail:

Should we subscribe to the alien connotation then where does that leave us within the understanding of our mythology or for that matter any religious mythology, of the gods having actually been aliens or creatures of a human basis of advanced level of intelligence? and even within that context we can further expand and question a twofold question of atheism stating nothing before or after and no deity or alternatively are the gods one level higher then what we are and therefore is seated above the aliens and we are mere creations of intelligence by way of the alien creation ability. Therefore in reality this understanding will basically remove any religious mythology and render it useless and invalid.


There is intermarriage therefore within some interpretations of atheism, science, religious mythology or any combination of one or more in reality. How does this overshadowing of idealism manifest within our lives and our religious adherence. We know that there are other intelligent life forms out there, some will subscribe and some wont but I think enough information and "proof" (those that can be sifted though and found to be trustworthy) to realize that we are not alone. Are they, the other life forms from other planets, merely another destination for incarnation or are they the creators in fact.

Within this I want to clearly state that the well known practice of preparation for the possible destruction of civilization is and should be excluded from this writing and no reference should be subscribed to the above. Within that destruction of civilization survival is completely possible.

Science warns us continuously, the media and film industry as well as the internet giving us all the predictions of so called "Armageddon".  There are many giving us these predictions, so too the warnings reportedly coming from the aliens and so too angelic beings as well as deity, warning on so many fronts is reported, each with pretty much the same message, is that to make sure we listen to these predictions or is this each collective adherence of those that subscribes to science, religious mythology and deity and/or the aliens possibly responsible for our creation simply repeating the same message or is this each of these groupings of adherents wanting to be credited for such a possible event and he prediction thereof.

Many similar predictions have been advocated in the past and we know that many will still be predicted, how serious should we take these "warnings" and interpretations. I suggest that with each of these groupings the adherents will place value on their own rather then another. Many in other words with the same concept will tend to subscribe as a collective.

Is this an overflow of the Christian prediction of Armageddon that is deep seated within the sub-conscious and unrealized infecting our understanding of what will be? Are we as Pagans and Heathens, those that subscribes though, still under the "spell" of the Christian understanding and interpretation of their concept of revelations within their good book? I do state and realize that these predictions are not being subscribed to by all Pagans or Heathens but even so those that do subscribe, how does this fit into our understanding of our "religion" and mythology. Or, is there more to the picture then what I share.

As we believe solidly and adhere to freedom of understanding and way of life so I would like to leave you with the right to the freedom of choice in subscription to that which you can find balance in, the right to find value in what i say or to disagree in principle or in totality of what I share above, but be that as it may I hope that this can at least give food for though giving rise to questioning the overall picture and find that which balances with you as an individual or a collective group of adherence.

Warmest Blessings to all.

Marius Whitepaw Heath

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